Summer Conference 2019 – Failing to Succeed #uhmlg19

If you enjoyed the Spring Forum (or any of our other events for that matter), you’ll be pleased to learn that booking for our Summer Conference is now OPEN!

As well as a great programme in fabulous Teesside, the price includes dinner, bed & breakfast, and the opportunity to network with colleagues and sponsors.

When: 12:00 Thursday 27th June – 13:00 Friday 28th June 2019

Where: Teesside University

Book now!

Failing to Succeed – How to Learn From Failure

Nobody likes to fail, but learning from our mistakes is one of the most powerful lessons. And learning from other people’s mistakes can be reassuring, rewarding and rich in benefits. The best leaders allow their team space to experiment, but this can also mean permission to fail – how can we help build resilience in ourselves and others to survive and thrive after failure?

More details on the programme soon, but the event includes:


  • Failure: Realism and Opportunity’: a 1/2 day failure workshop led by Andy Priestner.
    Everyone knows that we learn through failure but this knowledge does not change the way we feel about it or our desperate attempts to avoid it. We still see failure as bad thing even though it is rarely a result of negative action on our part. The intention of this workshop is to help attendees to be more realistic about failure so that they don’t put unnecessary and damaging pressure on themselves in the future and lead by example with others when failure occurs.

Friday includes:

  • Surfing the Wave of Uncertainty: Wellbeing, Resilience and Innovation.
    Dr Anne Llewellyn, Deputy Director (Learning Development) in Student and Library Services at Teesside University.
    This presentation will consider staff wellbeing within the current context of higher education developments, exploring the tensions between an agenda of performativity and staff innovation to support the student experience.
    Experimentation is essential to both learning and innovation, with success resulting from a cyclical process of failure and learning. However, failure can cause anxiety within a culture where we are dependent on positive results from surveys and other evaluative approaches. This can lead to a risk averse culture that avoids uncertainty, limiting both progress and staff fulfilment. Models of staff wellbeing will be explored to stimulate thinking about professional context and innovation and the role of professional service practitioners in supporting student resilience and wellbeing.
  • Help! Am I a librarian, or am I an imposter? The cat among the penguins
    Eli Harriss and Tom Roper
    This workshop will get participants to talk about the definition of imposter syndrome, the different types of imposters, how the syndrome can affect mental health, and how we can support our colleagues at work. This fun, interactive session will prompt thought, debate, and will conclude with the group offering solutions from their collective wisdom and experience.

    Eli Harriss has been employed as an information scientist, an information specialist, an outreach librarian, and a library manager throughout an exciting 12 year-career, and is currently employed by the University of Oxford as an Outreach Librarian and Knowledge Centre Manager for the Bodleian Health Care Libraries. Special interests, (asides from the usual fascination with systematic review methodology), include mentoring, pastoral care, failure, and imposter syndrome.

    Tom Roper has been a librarian for over forty years, the majority of that time in health, medicine and veterinary medicine. He was once a member of UMSLG, as it then was. In his role as a Clinical Librarian, he supports clinical teams in acute and emergency medicine, surgery and trauma and orthopaedics. He has served in various capacities in professional organisations, including as a CILIP Trustee, a past chair of HLG, and a past member of the Health Information and Libraries Journal Editorial Board.

  • How to cope with anxiety and bounce back in life  – Oliva Remes
    Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems, affecting around 1 in 14 people.  If left unattended, it can lead to depression, alcohol abuse, and suicide.  In her talk, Olivia will talk about what anxiety is – the difference between normal anxiety and an anxiety disorder – and how this problem can affect you in the workplace and daily life.  She will also share strategies on how to cope with anxiety and bounce back.

    Bio:Olivia completed her Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge, and is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Cambridge. Her research focuses on mental health and has been featured by the BBC, the Times, and New Scientist.  She was invited to give a TED talk called “How to cope with anxiety”.  To stay up to date with her research and tips on how to cope with anxiety and depression, you can follow her on Twitter @oliviaroxann.  Her e-mail address is

Lightning Talks

Do you have a story to tell about when you turned a potential disaster into a triumph?
Why not sign-up for a five minute lightning talk when you register as a delegate.

Food & Accommodation

There will be an arrival lunch in the Holiday Inn Express, just a five minute walk from the conference venue.
The conference dinner will be held at Bistrot Pierre on Thursday evening.
All delegates will be provided with bed & breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express on Thursday night / Friday morning. An end-of-conference lunch will also be at the Holiday Inn Express after Friday morning’s presentations.

Library Tour

A tour of Teesside University Library will be available early on Friday afternoon.

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