Spring Forum 2018 – Beyond our walls

We’re delighted to be able to give more detail on the Spring Forum 2018.

When: Friday 23rd March 2018, meeting from 10:00-16:00 (registration from 09:00)

Where: Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London

Booking: via Eventbrite

Theme of the meeting:
Beyond our walls: How to support users beyond the “core”.

The theme of this year’s Spring Forum is about supporting user groups beyond our “core” users. We all have staff and students of our institution who are the focus of our service delivery. Increasingly universities are being encouraged to consider the public, students of other universities and other discreet groups as being eligible for service delivery and access to resources. What do these other groups need, and how can we support them while not reducing service to our primary service users?

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Antony Brewerton from University of Warwick,
  • Natasha Skeen from University of Worcester,
  • Deena Mags from King’s Fund
  • Claire Allen from Evidence Aid

Registration is open.

Lightning Talks – We’d like to hear from you, because we know that there is lots of interesting and innovative work going on. Could you speak for 5 minutes on….

  • how you support groups outside your “core” users – perhaps through voluntary work, or by allowing an external group to use your library services
  • how you support your “core” users other (perhaps non-academic) needs – perhaps by delivering resources to support a Health & Wellbeing Agenda

What do you have to do?

  • Keep the date in your diary!
  • Register 
  • Think up a topic for a lightning talk. It’s only 5 minutes, and we’d love to hear about what you’re doing – you can add your proposal for a lightning talk via eventbrite booking page.

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